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Alex Marković Class Materials

page updated 3/24/21

This page contains source materials for Alex Marković’s two dance class series, Series 1 beginning May 25, 2020; and Series 2, beginning March 2, 2021. Files and links will be added as the class progresses. These materials are for your personal educational use only. Thank you, and enjoy!


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Series 2 – Dances of Kosovo/Kosova – March 2021

Gilane/Gjilan/Gnjilane region – Southeast Kosovo/Kosova

YouTube links: download PDF

1. Teško (Serb)

Teško – Deli Aguš, Rašit Salijević brass bandDownload audio file
Teško–Lesnoto – zurla and tapanDownload audio file

2. Čačak / Šilovački Čačak (Serb)

Čačak – KUD Šilovo – Download audio file
Čačak – KUD Stojan Stošić – Download audio file

3. Gilanka (Albanian, Serb)

Vallja e Gjilanit – AKV Gjilani – Download audio file
Vallja e Gjilanit – Vellezerit Aliu – Download audio file
Gilanka – Orchestra Bitonia & Koki – Download audio file

4. Memede (Serb)

Memede, more Memede – Kočo Petrovski – Download audio file
Memede – Mahmut Muzafer – Download audio file


Prizren – Urban Dances

YouTube links: download PDF

1. Kılıç Oyunu (Turkish)

Kılıç Oyun Havası – Doğru Yol Ensemble – Download audio file

2. Kalač (Serb)

Kalač – National Ensemble “KOLO,” Belgrade – Download audio file
Keleč – Radio Priština Folk Orchestra – Download audio file


Opojë region

Kolloqoi / Këllqoja / Kallaqoja (Albanian)

Dance suite notes and YouTube links: download PDF
Dance #1 – Download audio file
Dances #7-#10 – Download audio file


Gorani region

Karajusufi (men’s dance)

YouTube links: download PDF
Karajusufi – Enver Berisha & Adil Manxhuka – Download audio file
Vallja E Karajusufit – Enver Berisha – Download audio file


Solo Dances in Kosova/Kosovo

YouTube links and notes: download PDF

Kcim / Kërcim / Shota (Albanian)

Ani More Nuse / Shota – Merita Halili & Raif Hyseni – Download audio file
Kenge Dasmash Me Defa – Sh.K.A. Rexhep, Mitrovica – Download audio file
Kcim – Miradija & Qelebije – Download audio file
Kcim: Valle Instrumentale – Shaban Baksi & Ansambli Azim Bejta – Download audio file
Vallja E Grave – Shani Veqkollari – Download audio file
Kcim (suite with def) – Merita Rugova – Download audio file


Series 1 – Balkan Romani Dances – Spring-Fall 2020

Dances, General

Romani Dance Video Links (PDF)



Romski Čoček — Latino Band
Download audio file


Oj Moj Mira – Splet — Željo Destanovski
Download audio file


Čoček Mirveta — Mahmut Muzafer
Download audio file


Čoček – Gazoza with Iso (on clarinet)
Download audio file


Djurdanosko Horo — KUD Ibar
Download audio file


Gajda Čoček — Elvis Ajdinović Orchestra (live, 2017)
Download audio file



Kosovsko Gajda — Saško Sax (2014)
Download audio file


Kosovsko Gajda — Naser Struja & Orchestra Mladi Talenti
Download audio file

Gilansko Gajda — Orchestra Mladi Talenti (2016)
Download audio file


Gilansko Gajda — Klepač
Download audio file


Vranje Crossing Dances

Vranje Crossing Dances: Meter and Steps “Cheat Sheet” (PDF)


Vranje Crossing Dance Medley (Nenad Mladenović) – video link
Dances in order:

  • Demiranka (12/8)
  • Pembe (4/4)
  • Djošino Tursko (3/4)
  • Memede (7/8)


Vranje Crossing Dance Medley — Nenad Mladenović (live, 2011)
Download audio file



Selka — Božidar Ajredinović
Download audio file



Pharo Dance video links (PDF)


Džavitovo Oro — Muzafer Mahmuti
Download audio file


Adana — Željo Destanovski
Download audio file


Veleško Oro — Bilhan Mačev
Download audio file


Pharo Horo — Južni Ritam
Download audio file


Jeni Jol

Jeni Jol (Macedonian Romani event, 1995) – video link
(See minute 2:15 onward)


Jeni Jol — Bajsa Arifovska
Download audio file


Jeni Jol — Ansambl Čalgija – Radio Televizija Skopje
Download audio file


Sirto Oro — Bilhan Mačev
Download audio file


Čačak (Romani, Macedonia)

Čačak (Romani, Macedonia) – video link
(See minute 4:15 to 6:09)


Čačak — Mladi Talenti
Download audio file


Romska/Maleševska Gajda

Romska/Maleševska Gajda (Romani wedding in Radoviš, 2008) 1. – video link


Romska/Maleševska Gajda (Romani wedding in Radoviš, 2008) 2. – video link

Romska/Maleševska Gajda – Orkestar Prilepski Zvezdi with Jasa Nuri on gajda (New Year’s celebration, Vienna, 2014) – video link

Maleševski Splet — Milo Destanovski
Download audio file


Maleševski Splet — Mirsat Trio, Berovo
Download audio file


Romska Gajda — Južni Ritam
Download audio file


Romska Gajda / Tallava Gajda Splet — Gazoza (2020)
Download audio file


Gaida (Yerikos) & Nastritzini (Irakleia (Tzoumaya) region of Serres, Northern Greece)

Gaida (Yerikos) (group from village of Pondismeno near Irakleia) – video link


Gaida (Yerikos) (performing groups from villages of Pondismeno & Kimisis near Irakleia) – video link


Gaida & Nastritzini (zourna festival in Irakleia) – video link
(See minute 7:24 through the end)


Gaida Vasi (Yerikos)
Download audio file


Gaida – Zournades of Irakleia, Serres
Download audio file


Download audio file


Nastritzini – Tourka Nivesta
Download audio file


Dance in 9/8: Selianik, Ormanli, Aidin, etc. — Serres region, northern Greece

Dancers from Irakleia and Pontismeno (nearby village) demonstrate the dance, to the tune “Ten Kouri” – video link


Selianik: dancers from Irakleia, 1980s – video link


Carnival celebrations in Flambouro, Serres, filmed by Dr. Christos Papakostas: symmetrical version of the line dance – video link
(See minute 6:02 through the end)


Selianik – Zournades of Irakleia
Download audio file


Ormanli – Siris (Serres)
Download audio file


Turkish Roman dance: 9/8 (Karşılama)

Men’s styling
Video link 1
Video link 2
Video link 3
Video link 4


Women’s styling
Video link 1
Video link 2
Video link 3
Video link 4
Video link 5
Video link 6


Ayılana Gazoz – Selim Sesler
Download audio file


Garip Gayda
Download audio file


Kalaycı Gaydası – Rıdvan Kako
Download audio file


Keman Gayda – Kaymaksallı Hocam
Download audio file


Kırbaç Romanı – Mustafa Kandıralı
Download audio file


Book Recommendations

Clark, Bruce. Twice a Stranger: The Mass Expulsions That Forged Modern Greece and Turkey (Harvard University Press, 2006)
For those interested in the history behind the population “exchanges” between Greece and Turkey in the 1920s, this book does a great job of discussing the history in an accessible way while also humanizing the stories of refugees.


Seeman, Sonia Tamar. Sounding Roman: Representation and Performing Identity in Western Turkey (Oxford University Press, 2019)
For a wealth of information about Romani music, musicians, and dance in NW Turkey, including a history of Romani performance under the Ottomans and much more.


Keil, Charles, Angeliki Vellou Keil, et al. Bright Balkan Morning: Romani Lives and the Power of Music in Greek Macedonia (Wesleyan University Press, 2003)
A great book about Romani zourna/daouli musicians from Irakleia (Tzoumayia), the town from which we learned a few dances in previous weeks and from which (among others) Romani musicians were resettled into areas of Turkey whose music and dance we’ve been learning about in this class.