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margaret-loomis-dvd 2014

The 2014 Iroquois Springs Photo DVD from Margaret Loomis

Hello Iroquois Springs Campers & Friends of EEFC,

Once again, Margaret Loomis offers her wonderful DVD of photos from 2014’s Iroquois Springs workshop. For the past 14 years, Margaret has generously provided this wonderful service to our workshop attendees as a fundraiser for the EEFC. If you’ve ever perused the photo albums in the IS dance hall, you know what a great job Margaret does at capturing the joy and history of our community.

The 2014 DVD contains 978 photos, including:

  • group sings, auction, evening parties, and Kafana scene (including Blender Bands)
  • music and dance classes, student concert, and ensemble performances
  • candid and semi-candid shots throughout the week (lots of pics of our dear kids at camp)

These photos will bring back a lot of memories if you were at camp, or give you a very good idea of the week, if you weren’t there—enjoy it yourself, or use it to convince your friends to come to camp!!

The DVD is a super deal—$30 plus $3 shipping/handling in the U.S.
Please make checks payable to Margaret Loomis. All proceeds go to EEFC. (Photo collections from most past years are also still available.)

Margaret Loomis
10206 Day Ave.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

We at the EEFC heartily thank Margaret, and all of you, for your support of the EEFC!