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Virtual Camps 2021

Mark your calendars for our 2021 Virtual Camps! West Coast will be held June 25-27, 2021; and East Coast will run August 13-15, 2021. Each camp will feature three days of immersive music and dance classes, live performances, and community gatherings.

Registration is open for West Coast Virtual Camp! Click here for more information and to register.


We award full and partial scholarships to our in-person workshops.
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Kids at Camp!

Our in-person workshops are a great experience for families. Get the scoop to ensure everyone has a blast!


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Virtual Camp Registration 2021

Find full information about online camp on the Virtual West Coast Camp 2021 page.

You must register in advance to attend Virtual Balkan Camp part-time or full-time. Please register by June 23, 2021. All registrants will receive general camp information in the week before camp. Registered campers who opt into the Sococo interface will receive a special email invitation to the online space.


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$150 Supporter
$100 General
$50 Base
$15 Low Income
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Optional Sococo Interface 

We offer the option of an interactive interface with many familiar Balkan Camp touches, including rooms where you can access scheduled activities as well as gather and hang out with your friends over the weekend. You do not need to join the Sococo space in order to enjoy camp activities. We will provide Zoom links to everyone for daily classes, evening dance parties, and kafana entertainment. If you would like to add the Sococo interface to your experience, there is a $15 charge to use it for the weekend.

Payment Method

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