Balkan Music &
Dance Workshops

Every summer the EEFC presents two week-long summer camps.

June 23 – 30, 2018
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August 4 – 11, 2018
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We award several full and partial scholarships to each workshop every year.
Apply for one.


Kids at Camp!

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The EEFC awards several full or partial scholarships to each Balkan Music & Dance Workshops.

We encourage dancers, singers, and musicians to apply whether they are new to Balkan music, song, and dance (and our workshops) or veterans, have Balkan roots or not, whether they are professionals or amateurs. We are looking for people who will help us spread the joy of Balkan music and dance.

Scholarship applicants must be individuals age 13 or older (except for the Čoček Nation award—see below); beginning, intermediate, or advanced musicians, singers or dancers. At this time we do not award scholarships to entire bands—instead we try to “spread the wealth” among different geographic areas and different areas of concentration (instrumental music, singing, and dance). First-time and returning attendees may apply. Ideal candidates will help the EEFC fulfill our mission and vision.



EEFC Dick Crum/Kef Scholarship

Because of generous donations from our community, the Dick Crum/Kef Scholarship was established to provide one or more participants to each of the two seven-day Balkan Music & Dance Workshops with a full or partial waiver of fees, covering tuition and room and board. These awards are given to new and returning attendees, to singers, dancers, and instrumentalists. Learn more about Dick Crum.

Stefni Agin Scholarship

This single scholarship is funded by Jerry Agin and other generous donors in memory of Stefni Agin, an active EEFC community member and longtime Balkan Music & Dance Workshop attendee. This scholarship is awarded to a singer for attendance at the East Coast/Iroquois Springs workshop. Learn more about Stefni Agin.

Lillie Cooper Scholarship

This single scholarship is funded through a donation from Roger Cooper, in memory of his mother, Lillie. Lillie was a longtime international folk dancer in Long Island. Roger and his family have attended the East Coast workshop for many years. This scholarship is awarded to a dancer for attendance at the East Coast/Iroquois Springs workshop.

Čoček Nation Youth Scholarship

Funded by attendees to the EEFC/DROM Golden Festival Afterparty, this scholarship is awarded to youth ages 9 to 25 years for attendance to the East Coast/Iroquois Springs workshop. Scholarship recipients will participate in the Čoček Nation youth orchestra. They are encouraged to attend the youth singing class as well, the two groups will collaborate during camp. Younger recipients may also participate in the children’s activities program. Any recipient over the age of 14 who is awarded this scholarship will be encouraged to attend at least three class sessions each day, including Čoček Nation, and a singing class or a dance class. We encourage applicants to write their own scholarship application statements.

Scholarship Details

Requirements for scholarship applicants include the following:

  • Applications are not accepted from anyone who has received a scholarship to attend an EEFC workshop in the last 3 years.
  • Scholarships are awarded to fully or partially cover the registration fee, which covers class tuition, room and board. Transportation expenses to and from the workshops are covered by the recipient.
  • Recipients of partial scholarships are expected to pay the remainder of the workshop registration fee, or apply for a work exchange position to cover the remainder of the fee. Please note that receipt of a scholarship does not guarantee a work exchange position.
  • Recipients who are under the age of 18 MUST have a parent or guardian attend the workshop with them. Registration for parents and guardians is not included in the scholarship award.
  • Please refer to the Kids at Camp section of this website for information about minors, parent or guardian attendance, and required forms.
  • Scholarship recipients, like all workshop attendees, are expected to perform volunteer tasks.

Scholarship award decisions are made based on the applicant’s expression of:

  • Interest in learning traditional and traditionally based Balkan music, song, and dance;
  • Ability and willingness to pass that knowledge on to his or her home community;
  • Financial need.

PLEASE, FIRST READ fully about the scholarship you are applying for! If you haven’t been to a workshop before, please familiarize yourself with the information here.

Application Deadlines

2017 Application deadlines are:

  • West Coast/Mendocino workshop: February 28, 2017
  • East Coast/Iroquois Springs workshop: March 31, 2017

Please fill out the application below, answering the questions in a complete but succinct fashion. Because you can only submit the application form once, we suggest you compose your answers in a text-editing or word-processing program, then copy and paste them into the form below.

Please note that scholarships are awarded on the basis of written applications. CDs, websites, music samples, and the like are not reviewed during the decision process. The committee may contact applicants for phone interviews.

How You Can Help

Scholarships are sometimes the only way people can attend a workshop. Please consider donating to our scholarship funds. 100% of your donation goes toward bringing someone to a workshop to share your knowledge of and passion for Balkan music and dance. Thank you!

Read about past Scholars in Kef Times! You’ll find articles about each workshop’s recipients beginning with the Fall/Winter 2003-2004 issue.