Balkan Music &
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Virtual Camps 2021

Our online camps feature three days of immersive music and dance classes, live performances, and community gatherings. West Coast Virtual Camp was held June 25-27, 2021; and East Coast was August 13-15, 2021.

Registration is now closed for East Coast Virtual Camp, and did we have a blast! Stay tuned for more great EEFC-sponsored activities.


We award full and partial scholarships to our in-person workshops.
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Kids at Camp!

Our in-person workshops are a great experience for families. Get the scoop to ensure everyone has a blast!


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Since 1975, the Balkan Music & Dance Workshops have brought the finest available teachers and performers together with thousands eager to share the joys of Balkan traditions. With dance instruction, culture corners, instrumental, vocal, and ensemble classes, days of lessons and nights of parties, these weeklong workshops on both coasts have been an unforgettable annual celebration for a growing and increasingly diverse community.

As you may already know, tuition does not fully cover the cost of the summer workshops. It is only through the generosity of you—our community—that the EEFC continues to bring top-quality music and dance instructors together to teach us.

Your gift, no matter what size or shape, makes a difference. Why? Because it shows you support our community. It says you want to be part of the circle. Please take a moment to remember those magic, life-affirming moments you carry away with you, after the music and good-bye hugs fade. We want to keep doing this for as long as we can. We hope you do too.

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