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Amy Mills Message on Behalf of the baord

Message from Amy Mills on Behalf of the Board

I know that it has been a stressful few years for the EEFC, as we work to weather financial stresses and organizational changes. As I see through my own work as an event manager and arts administrator, these same tensions are being felt in arts and cultural non-profits throughout the country. Sometimes, it seems like the hardest thing to do is to remember to listen, be kind to one another and find concrete ways to move forward.

As you may know, the EEFC is in a period of transition. We don’t know all the answers to how the organization will move forward into the future. Part of this is because we are trying to take things slowly enough to ensure staff, board, and community are on the same page. As such, staff and board members have been talking about how to remain sustainable and supportive of one another. Community forums are being held in several places around the country, when possible to do without incurring travel costs. (See below for more details.) These issues will also be discussed at length at the board’s spring meeting in mid-March.

Two Goals

In the big picture, however, the main things have not changed. As a community and an organization, we must remain focused on two large goals: filling the summer workshops and raising sufficient funds to keep the organization running smoothly.

Many of you have approached us and offered your help. We’re incredibly thankful for the giving spirit of this community in this way. Right now, we can use your help most to fill the summer workshops. Word-of-mouth remains the single most powerful way to get people to sign up for camp.

What can I do?

First, you can go sign up for camp yourself. Registering early shows others that the event is popular—so they want to jump in too.

Second, you can encourage the people in your immediate circle to attend—tell members of your band, choir, dance group, and your good friends how much fun we have! If they are low-income, let them know about our scholarships (still open for East Coast!) and work exchange options.

Third, if you’re a key player in your local Balkan community, we can use your help spreading the word. Please make announcements at your events, on your listservs, and to your social media circles. You can request EEFC postcards by emailing and specifying how many cards you would like. If you have access to a printer, you can print your own postcards from our website: {LINK HERE}. And remember—it’s the one-on-one personal touch that makes the most difference because community is about feeling welcomed and needed.

Thank you to all of you who already do these things and much more. I truly believe that these small kindnesses and moments of reaching out can be some of the most powerful. Let’s keep working together to make the organization sustainable, support the people doing the day-to-day work, and keep our Balkan workshops fun and successful.

With love and hope,
Amy Mills, on behalf of the board of directors