Balkan Music &
Dance Workshops

Every summer the EEFC presents two week-long summer camps.

June 22 – 29, 2019
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August 10 – 17, 2019
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The EEFC is proud to partner with sister organizations, including the Bulgarian Folk Music & Dance Seminar.

Mark Levy

Bulgarian Clarinet & Macedonian Village Ensemble (Iroquois Springs)

Mark Levy created the first week-long Balkan Music & Dance Workshop in 1974, and co-founded the East European Folklife Center in the early 1980s. He recently retired from the faculty of the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, where he taught courses in ethnomusicology, coordinated a world music concert series, and directed the UO East European Folk Music Ensemble.

Mark has made numerous trips to the Balkans (especially Bulgaria and Macedonia), and has performed clarinet; Thracian, Rhodope, Macedonian, and Serbian gajda; and other aerophones with Aman, Pitu Guli, The Balkantones, Slavej, and Kef.

Mark lives in Eugene, OR.

Class Description | Macedonian Village Ensemble

  • Schedule allowing, I’m available for additional instruction outside of class.
  • We will perform at the Student Ensemble Party.
  • Class will collaborate with the Macedonian tambura class.
  • Repertoire will focus on tunes from ensembles led by Pece Atanasovski and Stefče Stojkovski.
  • Repertoire will be taught by ear at a fairly rapid pace with the support of sight reading charts.
  • Repertoire will be available online before camp.
  • Class will focus on expanding repertoire.

Class Description | Bulgarian Clarinet

  • Schedule allowing, I’m available for additional instruction outside of class.
  • The Student Concert/Student Ensemble Party is optional, and the class will decide wether we perform.
  • Class repertoire will focus on Bulgarian clarinetists from the 1950s and 1960s such as Georgi Koev and Demir Cholakov.
  • Class will accommodate students who prefer to learn by ear as well as those who like charts.
  • Repertoire will be made available online before camp.
  • Class will focus on technique as well as expanding repertoire.
  • We will be learning Georgi Koev’s “gaida” and other tunes as time permits.