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Virtual Camps 2021

Mark your calendars for Virtual Camps 2021! West Coast will be held June 25-27, 2021; and East Coast will run August 13-15, 2021. As last year, each camp will feature three days of immersive classes, live-music performances, and community gatherings. Much more information to come.

Until registration is open for this summer’s weekend events, check out last year’s camp programs here: West Coast 2020 and East Coast 2020.


We award several full and partial scholarships to each workshop every year.
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Kids at Camp!

A great experience for families. Get the scoop to ensure everyone has a blast!


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East Coast Camp Registration Form 2020 Live Test

Registration is now closed for 2019. See you next year!

Find full information about the workshop facility, programs, teaching staff, classes, and travel on the East Coast Camp page.

2019 Fees

Fees include tuition, food, use of facility, all evening parties and special events. The price is the same for those who choose to tent as it is for those who stay in a cabin.

Full Time: 1 week, Saturday, August 10, 4 p.m. to Saturday, August 17, 11 a.m.
Adult: $950
Child 7-17: $650
Child 4-6: $105
Child under 4: Free

Package A: 3 days: Saturday, August 10 to Tuesday, August 13, 5 p.m.
Adult: $485
Child 7-17: $335
Child 4-6: $65
Child under 4: Free

Package B: 4 days: Tuesday, August 13, 5 p.m. to Saturday, August 17, 11 a.m.
Adult: $655
Child 7-17: $450
Child 4-6: $85
Child under 4: Free

Payment schedule

Deposits: You may make a $100 deposit per person to hold your place at camp. The balance is due by July 15.

After July 15:
After July 15 new registrations should be paid in full and unpaid balances are due.

Cancellations and refunds
Deposit refundable (less $35) before July 15; deposits are non-refundable after July 15.
No refunds will be given (without a REALLY good reason) after camp starts on August 4.

“Non-standard” tuitions covering any period not fitting into Full-time, Package A or Package B, must be approved by the EEFC Office before you register.

Waiting list
When the workshop is filled to capacity, registrations will be added to a waiting list in order of receipt (online or postmark). Deposit checks will not be cashed; any credit card charges will be refunded if you are not admitted. In the event of cancellations, registrants on the waiting list will be offered slots in order of receipt and appropriate housing availability.

Registering children under 18

  • If you are registering a minor (child under 18) who will be accompanied by you as parent or legal guardian, you must fill out the online Parent Agreement form.
  • If you are registering a minor child who will be accompanied by a designated temporary guardian,
    • If you are registering a minor child who will be accompanied by a designated temporary guardian, please download and fill out a Temporary Guardian Agreement form. EEFC_Guardian_Form

    Help promote the EEFC. After you complete your registration consider posting our “Officially Registered” badge on your Facebook page. Help promote the EEFC.

    * indicates a required field.  To add another camper, click the link in the bottom right corner of this section.

    If not applicable, enter email address of parent, guardian, or main contact

    TELL US WHAT YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR. In this section please follow the prompts to indicate your status, length of stay, and if you are paying in full or making a deposit. Answer the questions in order.

    Answer this before the next two questions

    Answer this after "Registrant is:" and before "Payment Options"

    Adult tuition sliding scale:
    Base — We are proud to offer discounted tuition (below actual cost of camp) to those with limited income. The remaining costs of your stay at camp are covered thanks to our “Supporter” campers and fundraising efforts.
    General — This level reflects all the costs of your stay at camp. By paying this tuition, you cover our operating costs.
    Supporter — This level covers the cost of your stay at camp and pays it forward for one camper attending at the Base tuition. Thank you for spreading the kefi! You will receive a receipt for the tax-deductible donation portion of your payment. 

    Answer this after the prior two questions.


    Please note that all children MUST be housed with their parents or guardians.  Children under 18 years of age must provide additional forms (Parent/Guardian Form and/or Temporary Guardian Form). Link to these forms from the sidebar on this page.

    If you desire greater privacy, you may consider bringing a tent.  Fees for tenting are the same as for cabins. Mendocino cabins are 4-person, and it is likely that all spaces will be filled. The central cabin section at Mendocino is generally reserved for staff. 

    Check all that apply

    Cabin number or area of camp. We cannot guarantee any cabin preference, so please indicate your first, second, and third choices.

    Names of other (registered) campers you would like to room with at the Workshop.

    We will do our best to find a loaner folk instrument for you. Note that our lending program does not include easily obtainable instruments such as clarinets, accordions, brass instruments, and the like.

    How did you hear about us?

    Payment Method

    Select PAY BY CREDIT CARD: you will be asked for credit card information. The "submit" button will complete your payment and send your registration information to the EEFC Office.

    Select PAY BY CHECK or MONEY ORDER: to send your registration to the EEFC Office. You will need to mail your check or money order payable to EEFC, PO Box 12488, Berkeley, CA, 94712-3488.

    Select NO PAYMENT DUE if Total Due is zero, i.e. no tuition is due for this registration.

    Please verify the Total Due and Total Payment before pressing Submit.

    Payment Contact or Cardholder

    Primary contact name (exact name on credit card if paying by card)

    Payment contact or cardholder's email. We send confirmation of each camper registered to this address.
    Credit Card

    Problems or questions? For help email or call 510-219-5462