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While we regret the cancelation of both our Mendocino and Iroquois Springs workshops due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to offer our first-ever, completely online Virtual Camps. Virtual Camp West Coast (July 17-19, 2020) was a great success, with 350 people registered.

Registration is now open for East Coast Virtual Camp on August 14-16, 2020, with three days of immersive classes, live-music performances, and community gatherings. This camp is geared toward the USA East Coast and will run on Eastern Time (UCT-0400).


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Virtual Camp East Coast

August 14 – 16, 2020


In 1977, the EEFC offered the first of many wonderful getaway weeklong Balkan Music & Dance Workshops. In 2020, we’re excited to roll with the punches and debut our online edition, which you can enjoy from the comfort of home.

Thanks to high-speed internet, we continue to welcome new friends and old to our community of musicians, singers, dancers, and those who love them. Beginners and advanced practitioners will continue to “rub shoulders” while benefiting from the expertise of our extraordinary teaching staff and enjoying bliss-inducing live-music performances. We can’t provide the traditional rustic redwoods setting nor a superb glamping experience in the Catskills, but this Virtual Camp weekend retains our signature style—an immersive learning experience that opens hearts and minds to the beauty of Balkan music, dance, and culture.


The Platform

We’re using an online platform to centralize our gathering for the weekend. In other words, this event is more than just a series of Zoom meetings—we’re creating a digital village. Beginning Wednesday, August 12th, you’ll receive an invitation to join our online space, which, while initially designed to recreate the functionality of community office spaces, is about to receive a Balkan twist. On the surface, it’ll look like a regular office building, but you’ll see rooms named for familiar places like the Front Desk, which will have volunteers ready to take your questions; the Arena, where you’ll enjoy an afternoon class; and the Dance Hall and Kafana, where we’ll gather for live music and dancing. You’ll even be able to locate where your friends are within the map and casually hang out (i.e. video chat) around the Kafana Grill and other organic gathering places.

For official programming, each “room” of our office space contains a direct link to a Zoom meeting where the real magic is taking place. We strongly recommend that you download the latest version of Zoom for the optimal experience. But if you want to take a break from class, there are plenty of areas to relax with friends and catch up contained within our online village.

The Workshop & Program

Virtual Camp runs on Eastern Time from Friday evening, August 14, to late Sunday afternoon, August 16. Classes begin Saturday morning and continue on Sunday. A selection of instrumental, vocal, and dance classes at all levels are offered across six 90-minute class slots.

The early-evening programs include folklore presentations and group sings with musical accompaniment. Live-music dance parties featuring our world-class staff musicians will delight your feet; and the party continues in the Kafana, with a variety of musical sets by you and your fellow campers.


We welcome families! Children are welcome to participate alongside their parents and guardians in any adult class.

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities to help us out behind the scenes! Please email our Site Manager, Corinne, here.


Pre-registration is required. Click here to register. After Wednesday, August 12, campers will receive an orientation video and be invited to join the Sococo platform and begin exploring. Please note: If you are registering after 5 p.m. Eastern, you will receive your camper letter and Sococo invitation at 9 a.m. Eastern the following day. Workshop updates are announced on the EEFC listserv discussion group, and on our Facebook page.

2020 Teachers & Performers

Staffing still in process—check back for more soon!


Jaquetta Bustion

Kids' Intro to Balkan Rhythms

A pianist since childhood, Jaquetta Bustion's love of music began in her earliest school experiences in Philadelphia. She has been a music educator for over twenty years. Whether in public and...Read More

Beth Bahia Cohen

Greek Island Dance Set

Beth Bahia Cohen is of Syrian Jewish and Russian Jewish heritage. Inspired early by the sounds she heard at family gatherings, she later studied with master musicians from Hungary, Greece, Turkey...Read More

Polly Tapia Ferber


Percussionist Polly Tapia Ferber is a music educator, performer, and recording artist who specializes in hand percussion from the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa, the Balkans, and Spanish...Read More

Michael Ginsburg

Balkan Dance; Greek Brass Band Dance Set

Michael has been director and lead trumpet player of Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band since 1983. He accompanied ZU to brass festivals in Guča, Serbia, three times between 1987 and 1990, as well as...Read More

Merita Halili

Albanian Dance Set

Merita Halili is one of Albania’s top performers. Born in the capital city of Tiranë, Merita grew up singing the lyric songs of her native region of Central Albania. Her nationwide debut came...Read More

Raif Hyseni

Albanian Dance Set

Raif Hyseni hails from The Republic of Kosova, which has a large Albanian majority. He grew up in the town of Mitrovicë, where he studied accordion at music school and performed in amateur...Read More

Greek Brass Band

Greek Brass Dance Set

Bio coming soon!Read More

Nikolay Kolev

Gudulka; Bulgarian Dance Set

Nikolay Kolev, a native of the Thracian Rose Valley village of Karavelovo, has been playing gudulka since age 10. After graduating from the National School of Folk Arts in Shiroka Lŭka, Bulgaria,...Read More

Donka Koleva

Bulgarian Singing; Bulgarian Dance Set

Donka Koleva is a vocalist prized for her rich, clear and melodic voice. Also a graduate of the Folklore High School in Shiroka Luka, she worked as a soloist with the Sliven Ensemble for three...Read More

Ahmet Lüleci

Turkish Dance

A native of Turkey, Ahmet Lüleci is an accomplished choreographer, dance teacher and performer as well as a researcher of Anatolian culture. He is currently the artistic director of the...Read More

Matt Moran

Tapan; Kids' Intro to Balkan Rhythms

Matt Moran has played tapan (aka goč, bubanj, tupan, daouli, or davul) since way before you could find videos of Balkan music online. He lives in Brooklyn, NY, where he leads Slavic Soul Party!...Read More

Sergiu Popa

Romanian/Moldovan Dance Set

Sergiu Popa was born in Chişinau, Moldova. From a young age, he studied traditional folk and Roma (Gypsy) styles with his father, Ion Popa, himself a well-recognized Romani accordionist in...Read More

Eva Salina

Romani Singing; Evening Serenade

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Eva Salina is a leading interpreter of Eastern European musical traditions, performing and teaching internationally. She attended her first Balkan Music & Dance Workshop...Read More

Corinna Škėma Snyder

'Southern' Group Sing

Corinna Škėma Snyder was 12 when started singing and studying women's music from the Balkans, first with the Cambridge Slavic Chorus, and then with Laduvane, both in the Boston area. She was...Read More

Peter Stan

Evening Serenade

Bio coming soon!Read More

Sandy Theodorou

Greek Serenade

Sandy Theodorou is a vocalist, accordion, and laouto player who specializes in traditional Greek regional music and Greek urban rebetika. She was born in Pireas, Greece, and her family roots are...Read More

Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band

Balkan Brass Dance Set

Bio coming soon!Read More


Coming soon!



I love what the EEFC is doing. Where can I donate to support more of this work?
You can donate via Paypal or via our website.


Will music and video be available?
Class materials, such as lyrics and song files, will be made available to campers at the teacher’s discretion. See the Resources & Materials tab on this page. Classes will not be recorded and disseminated for this edition of Virtual Camp.



Do I need a Facebook account to participate?
No. We are using Sococo and Zoom. Beginning Wednesday, August 12, campers will receive a link to an orientation video and will be invited to join the Sococo platform and begin exploring.


With which browsers is Sococo compatible?
Only Google Chrome browser is supported by the Sococo web app. Campers have also had success with Microsoft Edge. If you do not want to use Google Chrome, you must download the Sococo desktop app. It has additional features to facilitate use and troubleshooting. However, desktop applications are only available for Windows and macOS, and using the Google Chrome browser is the best option for Linux and other users. If you want to skip Sococo altogether, we provide a “cheat sheet” with links to all the Zoom meetings, so you don’t have to miss a thing! 


How can I avoid lag on Zoom?

  • Turn off your camera. As much as we love to see you, this will improve the flow of data.
  • Close all other applications on your computer. It’s best if Zoom is the only thing running.
  • Reduce other activities that steal bandwidth like large downloads or family members watching Netflix on the same internet connection during class.

Class Materials & Resources for Download

Coming soon!



We’ve had years to hone our in-person workshops, and we know their ins and outs like the back of our hands. This is a new endeavor for our organization, and while we are doing our best to anticipate your questions, you might have one we haven’t thought of yet!

Contact the EEFC Office if you need tech support or further clarification. Our staff and volunteers are eager to help, and your feedback will help us review and hone our processes. There is no question too small. See you at Camp!